Food Packaging

The art of food packaging has evolved a long way. The current trends in innovative food packaging have taken a turn towards enhancing safety, efficiency and sustainability. Because these represent what modern consumers want, it's important to understand each trend and how it applies to your business. 

Compact and Flexible Packaging

Minimalism is more than just a trend it's a way of life for today's conscious consumers. This comes as the world seeks sustainable solutions that are friendlier to the environment. To boost the appeal of your products, the packaging you use needs to be compact and flexible. There's also the space-saving benefit of compact items most households prefer them because they fit neatly into fridges and microwaves.

More Sizes

Most modern shoppers usually plan out their meals before making any purchases. It's therefore necessary to offer a wide range of product sizes that will suit different kinds of consumers. Besides, people will be more likely to try out smaller samples before they commit to larger portions.

Value-Added Combo Packs

More producers are now packing their items into kits that combine vegetables, greens and fresh fruit with other ingredients to come up with an elaborate recipe. This convinces more shoppers to opt for fresh produce instead of canned items. And with the added convenience, they're more likely to make bigger purchases.

Performance and Visual Appeal

Most farmers are well aware of how hard it is for their produce to compete with the colorful, pretty packages used in processed foods. From a consumer's perspective, the former tends to lack the finished appeal typical of the latter. But you don't have to despair you could use brightly-colored cartons that showcase an element of fun in the items. Functional packs can also enhance the convenience needed to give fresh produce an edge over prepackaged alternatives. You could use pouches with a transparent front panel to allow visual inspection of items for freshness and quality.


According to experts, a good number of consumers who opt for local foods do so to support the economy, among other reasons. Older shoppers tend to view organic products as healthier, a perception that likewise compels their more enlightened, younger counterparts. To appeal to such individuals, you could use front-of-pack messaging that touts the ease of preparation and freshness of your items. However, you need to do so in an open, transparent manner to maintain the buyers' confidence.

Agricultural packaging is a delicate issue, considering that more than half of wasted produce is lost during post-harvest procedures, transportation and storage. From fruits and vegetables to dairy products, it's important to understand how sustainability fits into packaging. And because coming up with the right solution can be daunting, you can consult an expert for better insight into various packaging options.